Work from home is a phenomenon more common everyday in recent years due to the growth of the Internet and the flexibility that gives you to work. In addition, it is also remarkable, especially in the United States, as every day there are more businesses that are managed from the Home Office. Feng Shui gives us the capacity to influence the energies that surround us to boost productivity, creativity, profitability and innovation. Feng Shui is the science from China which aims to help improve the energies present in the place where it develops the professional activity within the House. It is essential to know the benefits and potential that can be achieved by using your correct ducting. For those people who have been considered to apply Feng Shui in his Office, if it is at home as in other independent site, it is important to understand that this is another tool that joins all the others which is intended to maximize the chances of success of the company. At this point so you just have to clarify one thing: when trying to apply Feng Shui to an Office which is located in a residence, the study has to be global throughout the House to try to maximize the benefits in the area where you want, in this case in the Office. When it’s a commercial space such as a shop, Office or trade, the study must also be full, but focusing on the most important areas for sales or that that each owner considers primary for your interest.