Enjoy only the pleasures of the moment. Proverb Chinese General, basic considerations, reach and impact management must be attentive to prevent work-related stress manifests and affect the performance, productivity and operating capacity of the enterprise towards its objectives and targets established. It is known that stress occurs as a result of an imbalance between the demands of the environment (labour, social, etc.) and the resources available (often limited) of the subject. Where must these demands be met with an immediate and adequate response of the person. Take into account, that stress can be defined as a process or sequence of stages, which begins when the individual receives a set of requirements imposed by the medium, and to which the individual must adapt to give an adequate and rapid response using all available resources at its disposal, causing the individual to perform an exhausting effort to achieve such a response. Cannot be denied, that at the present time, moreover, stress in the workplace It represents a threat to the health of workers, this has resulted in the imbalance of the Organization of the companies. Stress is a problem growing, disabling, and with a very important personal, economic and social cost that should not be neglected.

When it appears, the effects and impact are decisive for the company. There, that should not surprise us that are many levels of absenteeism, low productivity in the company, accidents of workers and little motivation at work, that is reflected in the company in the form of losses and expenses be considered, that in psychology, stress tends to relate to certain events in which the individual required you strong demands that deplete their coping resources. In this regard, says Dario Vasquez, that should not be forgotten, that stress is an imbalance between the demands made by the environment and available resources by individuals, generally produced by psychosocial factors, which currently affects everyone human beings, which day by day face the growing demands of a globalized and consumerist society with a marked environmental determinism.