The golden rule applies so that during the changes your team can pay even more in this new economy. Since some time ago, we are immersed in a constant change of how to do business. Many of the rules and ways to sell already do not apply. Globalisation, emerging economies, the new wave of competition, increasingly lower prices and an ever more informed customer, do we need to think more creatively to succeed in our business. Leaving the area comfortable all what we know and it is familiar provides us some security and comfort while at times this is not what really makes us efficient, but sometimes we tend to prefer what says a proverb, is better bad known it is good to know. We see this every day with our sales teams, because while it is obvious that the way to attract new customers and win a sale has changed, many commercials prefer to blame management that assume that the changes to survive and put them into practice are imperatives. In addition to being in a familiar environment, it involves a minimum of effort to do things because we already know it, including the management of any tense situation it is comfortable because we already know the reactions and consequences. But have you ever wondered my trade and I really grow and we develop when we are a comfortable zone? Imagine for a moment that you’ve just been promoted in your work of sales and give you a customer with which you have to negotiate before closing the sale, but don’t know how to do it and you have problems to carry it out. Is obvious that to be a task that you’re not accustomed to doing, and it is not family, cause you discomfort and may be up to some discomfort. As usual in this case is resorting to a co-worker who performs such tasks and ask how to do it to know in detail that you do.