Beyond being a fashion or a subject that has become primarily treatable in a program of qualification in any company, the quality culture is a way to live, is a custom, is an attitude. Easily many companies speak to offer quality products or to have quality processes, nevertheless in the majority of the cases this is much of the reality. In order to transform a company into an organization with quality, it must be divided from most essential of his being: its human equipment. Working with values and principles, that we fulfill what we jeopardize so much the employees as the companies, respecting the environment and the community, assuring that all the products and services work from the first attempt, and that, from that first attempt, totally fulfills the function for which they exist or they were designed, without disadvantages, and if he is feasible to moderate costs, added to that an effective leadership, that involves, that supports, with intense work of management and a serious commitment with the continuous improvement, would be possible to be said that we are almost across, directed towards a true company with work of quality. At present in the country they come developing interesting efforts in this sense, national prizes and state of quality, some other international in which some Mexican companies are ventured to try to conquer them, nevertheless the process is slow, little effective, mainly because in my opinion, it is not accompanied with the essential for a radical change in the form to act and to tolerate to us: an education of quality.

If there is something can leave to one slight hope of future development and growth us, it is the education. The next generations must think different, act different, believe but in themselves, respect the order and the institutions, innovate, develop more, etc. The education as origin of a quality culture has much to do.