Surely all some time we have been invited to attend a webinar. A webinar or conference online, it is a seminar, which is conducted entirely online, whereby participants are in a virtual environment, rather than having to move to the place where he teaches. A webinar can count on some few participants, or meetings of many participants. Generally speaking, between 15 and 20 participants is the number with which the majority of the webinars is carried out. For a webinar, is necessary to have some kind of support, service or special software that allows: transmission of Audio and video Chat share documents use of Blackboard and charts there are many technological solutions that allow to offer webinars: Webex, sponsored by Cisco, is perhaps the most powerful solution. < By a fairly reasonable monthly payment it is possible to offer an unlimited amount of webinars or meetings online, without that participants have some kind of special account or subscribing to any service.

It is possible to Download a demo to prove it. Fuzzmeeting is another possibility <. Also provides access to a trial for 30 days. Openmeetings is the alternative in free software that allows providing webinars and online meetings. It really is very full, and with a very simple interface.

For more information: why and for what. Firstly, the webinars are a great way to capitalize on a web site, and constitute in themselves a product to be developed. Through webinars can be offered training something in demand lately – so, present products to certain special hearings or train affiliates. Deliver webinars is an excellent way to build and maintain the professional reputation, and generate added value to a site or a brand. It is possible to then reach a level of interaction similar or better yet – which is accomplished face-to-face seminars, collaborate and do business online. A webinar about functions and advantages of their products is the best way to educate consumers, provide you with a quality product plus and retain customers, especially in cases of B2B products. Many companies have not sufficiently exploited this communication channel, which, like the video marketing, may leave an imprint on what makes dissemination of advertising messages and networking channels. It will then require each company responsible for raised to this new way of doing business as a valid alternative, and begin to give the importance that deserves. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to original author and source of the article.