Sami techniques you may never need, but self-confidence, resistance to stress and turbulence of life, iron health, all of which gradually manifested in training and help in all situations. Classes melee fight can help you develop qualities such as commitment and dedication, a qualitative change in nature. Secondly, to whom it is available. Many people understand that their physical form, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired, that health is also not very strong, and the eternal enemies of the drafts and damp weather to gradually loosen. But very few have taken for themselves, remember How many of your friends even exercises in the morning doing? It turns out that the main enemies of our health ourselves, nobody is forcing us, we are their way of life turns himself in elderly people. I was the second time used the phrase, now explain why.

Referring to the book by Anatoly Taras 'fighting machine' (p. 395) say that the human body is designed so that up to 65 – 70 years, significant changes in metabolism is not provided. And if you regularly train, then you can to a great age to stay healthy and formidable fighter (known to many examples). The only thing over the years should be a little more time to pay warm joints. And yet! And now look at ourselves. You are satisfied with their well-being, his figure, his character? You can, if necessary to protect the streets themselves and their loved ones? But life itself, are you satisfied? If the answer to most questions no, do not worry, just have to do something. If you really want to change yourself, it's sure to get, just need to really want to.

Alas, one wishes not need regular hard deal, really flat out in training. Need to abandon the empty hanging out, instead of browsing cheap tv to train before going to bed, early to rise and begin the day with morning workout (30 minutes – 1.5 hours). Over time, it is worth trying to quit smoking and alcohol use, then training effect will be maximal. And does not matter how old you are: fifteen, twenty-three or fifty, the main thing that was a firm intention to change yourself, fill our lives with deep meaning. Good luck on the Path of the Warrior!