2. Magdeburg listening day on October 15 at the health centre (stop AOK) why is our ability to hear spoken words and sounds, in the course of life? What solutions help achieve better hearing? There are also hearing aids, which are absolutely invisible? And what can be done against a tinnitus? Just some of the many issues on which the Magdeburg hearing day 2 offers competent answers. The event, which proved already last year as a true crowd-pleaser, expected all interested parties with a star-studded Vortragsprogamm with numerous listen experts, a special exhibition, and much opportunity for discussion. The Magdeburg hearing day, which takes place on the 15th of October from 10:00 until 14:00 at the health center in the Telemann Street (tram stop AOK) is organized, gilgert aesthetic hearing-acoustics in turn by the company”. The admission is free. Many of us hearing for our everyday lives, is not even aware how important for “our quality of life and well-being”, so hearing care professional master of Andreas Gampa.

We can hear, is too of course. “And if the hearing due to natural wear and tear slowly subsides, is often much waited too long, before you do something.” To educate and to inform employees of firm Gampa organized the Magdeburg listening day last year for the first time. A such a broad and positive response, was that the regional speciality provider for aesthetic listening acoustic right aligns a reissue of his information day this year. Hearing aids will be a focus of the event, carrying the aesthetic needs of our clients in specific account”, so Andreas Gampa. The visitors meet for example the hearing aid of lyric, a completely new lenses for your ears ‘. Invisible or very discreet hearing aids order hearing aids, which are without cable and easy is concerned with the Phone, TV or stereo system allow to connect.