Solution apenio already in Austria, which Switzerland and the Netherlands in China use Bremen follow, 07.09.2012 – the Bremen IT service providers and care specialist atacama Software has established itself on the German market. If you would like to know more about Pete Cashmore, then click here. The digital care planning and documentation apenio is one of the leading systems in health care facilities, apenio LZ is installed in many facilities for the elderly and long-term care. A growing number of customers on the solutions relies in its home market. The knowledge-based software is developed in close cooperation with the Institute for public health and care research (IPP), Dept. of interdisciplinary participatory and nursing research (iap), the University of Bremen.

The special feature of apenio and apenio LZ is the nursing phenomena-based scientific typology with practice-oriented catalogs, the structure of the nursing process according to WHO assessment, planning, evaluation and performance collection adapts. She is the nurturing a substantial support in the daily work, using Active content ‘ automatically appropriate entries will propose”, explains Dr. Jurgen Deitmers, Managing Director of atacama. Also the documentation of medication with interfaces to expert systems, as well as a wound documentation are integrated into the documentation of apenio next to the display of custodial and medically relevant data in a clear curve. As one of the first digital systems care complex measures score (BAULOGIS) as part of the existing maintenance process translates apenio the. With the psychOPS module not only care therapeutic services in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine can be pictured, but also automatically passed to the hospital information system (his). The software apenio LZ oriented expert recommendations and guidelines.

Specific content are integrated for dementia patients, taking into account typical behaviors. An increasingly important area in the long term care is also the food, which was especially taken into account in the software solution.