Curiosity is one of the most effective stimulant to learn. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. Hence, children typically have much more ability to learn when compared to adults. In theory, all humans should be curious, and probably the we are when we are small, but the society teaches us that we should not put us in what we don’t care nor be asking for everything. The result is that learning became something that we don’t like and we do not want to do, and that has made it difficult for many. Learning is indeed something amazing. Enjoy learning is a process that occurs naturally when you have curiosity and questions for the answers to what drew you attention.

A recommendation to improve your skills to learn is that you stimulate your senses. Gives each experience a stronger emotion, with more intensity, and that will make it better etched in your mind. Add to them beam the images that accompany it are with lots of color, large, and with movement, sounds and music and get that your full body feel the excitement of knowing something new. This stimulation of senses makes something that is a basic premise of NLP that seeks that every individual has more options, in this case by encouraging learning and curiosity in it by stimulating your senses. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our NLP Americas original author site and source of the article