In the words of Charles Buxton, “You can never find enough time to do what is necessary so you’ll have to work hard to free up as much time as needed.” This difficulty we loans in this article;) algorithm is quite simple: to get it done, firstly, you need to know what specific things to be done, and secondly, these cases should be streamlined. Let’s start. 1) Get a new notebook, you can diary. On one sheet in a column write down all the things that would like to accomplish in the coming week. If to any important event, break it into several smaller steps. 2) Now make a list on tomorrow. From the week list, select 5.6 cases, and rewrite them for tomorrow. Then put the numbers in front of the sequence in which you perform these deeds. If convenient, you can even specify the time of each case. But do not paint all day every minute – such a plan would be hard to follow and a desire to organize their affairs in general lost. Simply sit in the evening and well thought out plan for the day, and there are already important to these cases were performed, and the rest of the time to do anything you want.

At the end of the day to summarize. If you have not done all written, think about why. Perhaps you have placed incorrectly prioritize tasks, or took too great a burden. In this case, try to reduce the list of planned activities. If, conversely, you have completed all of the list very quickly, and then lost a lot of wasted time, try The next day make a list of a few cases more than the previous one. But, once again, the important thing is not to far and do not forget to leave time for rest and spontaneous cases. Similarly, you can compile a list of more than Global Affairs, for example, for the year. Then distribute that and what month you will be doing. A list of the month, in turn, spread over weeks. In the process, of course, you’ll adjust it, because of course, clearly plan for a year is impossible. The main thing that you all will be formulated on paper. You will not be lost, remembering what and when you need to do. Thus, 10 minutes with a notepad and pen in hand to help save the entire hours that will greatly enhance your productivity.