The search for a cheap calling plan, which was cut adapted to the individual needs and calling habits designed to be hard and fast, those interested in landing a tariff jungle. Providers have several basic services that can be adjusted with additional packages on your personal needs. One of the most popular type of contract is prepaid, these are the classic variation to a contract which will only be paid if it is also a call. A monthly fee is not paid, the SIM card will be charged with a credit that can be completely reaches zero. The costs are manageable and predictable, the phone works even without credit, with incoming calls and emergency calls. If you want to use prepaid minutes, and expects favorable prices, the possibility remains that an additional fee to pay.

The disadvantage can be seen only at second glance, for a basic charge is also a contract term agreed upon. The classic cell phone contract without prepaid, includes a monthly fee and a minimum contract period. The basic fee is changing for various providers including a minimum turnover, but is deducted from the actual phone costs. Calling plan in which the basic fee and minimum spend are included, are indeed still be offered, but none are enjoying great popularity. In return, the minutes are cheaper and prices charged, there are countless additional options are available.

One of the most frequently booked additional options is the flat rate. Currently, it is still common for the flat rate can be booked to meet a fixed line, not for the whole month. Rather, as the evening hours or weekends offered for a fixed price. It should be noted here, may be phoned in which networks present, and whether exclusions are agreed. Another type of cell phone minutes are the flat rate packages that allow in many cases, for a fixed monthly price, making phone calls to all networks, at no additional cost. The contract should be read exactly which networks are contained in the flat rate. In particular, care should be taken that it is so far only local networks. The individual solution should be sought according to one’s calling habits. The mobile phone users, which will only be called in an emergency and will otherwise be little talk, which will probably see in classic Prepaid his needs met. For those that constantly on the phone, which is a firm contract with a flat rate to be recommended. The most difficult decision to make mobile phone users, which belong to neither of the two groups. include the case of a purely private use of a regular phone in the evenings and on weekends, a firm contract with a small basic fee and the additional option of a flat rate is recommended.