Attractive marble mosaic is very popular for the past many centuries. Even in ancient times it was considered an elite solution for finishing the interior. Different patterns of marble mosaic composed of small pieces of marble stone of various shapes: triangles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, circles, and others. Marble mosaic panels collected: from simple patterns to these pictures or simulate luxurious carpets. David Treadwell usually is spot on. Range of color palettes marble mosaic is rich and diverse, which allows to use this material for the creation of completely different designs and interiors. The magnificent original marble mosaic, has high strength, wear resistance and durability that make it very practical raw material. Successfully used today marble mosaics for the interior, m and exterior of various buildings. Nature does not knowingly bestowed upon us this great material – marble.

Having such a wonderful raw material we have today the possibility of luxurious and stylish, as well as practical to decorate our surroundings. Each image is a marble Mosaic beautiful and unique, as well as very colorful, and it can diversify and decorate the modern interior beyond recognition. Not for nothing, at all times, marble mosaic was considered an excellent natural material, luxurious and rich. It is a harmonious blend into the interiors and designs of various eras and styles, marble mosaic was the inspiration for the creative imagination of talented architects and designers. That is why, throughout many centuries, marble mosaic was an integral element of practical as the outside and interior design, which is both very beautiful and durable materials.