Providing the information and tools so that it is possible to achieve “learning by doing” is the most effective method for achieving the objectives set. Act as promoter of healthy lifestyles, alternatives to substance use. It may also be the connecting link with the institutions of the community, becoming the vital link between substance abuse prevention services and community members. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. Coordination is often one of the most effective strategies for the performance of the functions of a group, so that coordination of the mediator to existing resources in the area, knowledge of its action plan, intervention objectives, beneficiaries direct and indirect contribution to improving the quality of the action to be executed. If you would like to know more about Nicolas Keller, then click here.

In a first step we should take would be to establish a database as a “Resource Guide”, whose main objectives are. Provide a detailed list of resources and social programs or initiatives that provide services related to the task of our entity. Provide volunteers to develop their work in our organization, specialized information to facilitate your daily work contributing to optimize the focus, knowing the social context and useful resources to use in the different circumstances of the intervention. The role of the expert (Social Worker, Psychologist is to promote information and training for social mediators, in order that they, since its dynamic ability to multiply the opportunities to promote healthy habits within the community. The experts will necessarily promote social mediators with a horizontal strategy of intervention.