One of the weapons with which the managers have a site are Google Webmaster Tools. Once you've placed the Google Analytics code and we have validated the site, you may complete access to these resources we will provide a series of highly relevant data to make our site to improve its performance, and be properly indexed by the bots. Learning to properly use them only result in direct benefits in our numbers and conversions, so it's a good idea to spend time, and keep trying the different options presented. Under most conditions Ali Partovi would agree. Here is a brief introduction. Webmasters Tools Since we have a fairly certain about how Google sees our website, on your point of view. But more importantly, we can directly access the Google finds errors when you try to index us.

And this is vital information that should be taken into account. Another useful feature of Webmaster Tools is to allow loading directly through a link on XTML a sitemap, which is essential for properly indexed. Once we entered, we access the main page and clicking on the link on our site, enter the relevant information section. Note that towards the right side says "Verified," or not. This indicates that Google may access the information easily to the site, and Google Analytics code works well. The sidebar on the left side, as in Google Analytics, we will navigate through the different sections. There are four main sections: Information site, your Web site, Diagnostics and Information Labs first puncture site. From here we set up two important elements of the website, the robots.txt-small archivito text that tells the different robots which pages can be indexed and what-not, and the sitemap.

In this section we can directly build a new robots.txt, or upload our own, and confirm that Google can read it correctly. The same with the sitemap, we can upload a sitemap from a Google link offers. An important tool is an assistant to the url redirection. Imagine that you want to change domain (eg was hosted on a subdomain, and has finally decided to launch a new domain for your site). Following the instructions of this wizard, change will be as smooth as possible to avoid losing the metrics already achieved so far, and the incoming links have the old domain. One of the most useful sections are the keywords and, in the "Your Web site." The Webmaster tools complete information on keywords that provide us with the Google Analytics, because they allow us to access a list of keywords suggested finish for our site, sorted by relevance with reference to the text contained on our website, and clicking each , is how often and where this word appears on our site. Very good to see that Google records like "password" is related to what we have chosen "keyword." Particular attention must attention to the "Suggestions on Html" in the chapter Diagnostics. In this part we will find the problems of content that Google can find on our site. This is the heart and everything that Google can come to suggesting that we change on our site, we listen. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source