Indexing and indexing problem domains in the zone info – one of the most discussed topics at a forum on promoting sites. Because of the low cost domain registration and renewal, webmasters actively use the site blast zone info for doorways, satellites, govnosaytov and other resources is not distinguished by high quality content. Because of this, in optimizatorskoy environment emerged a belief that Yandex is noticeably worse than the sites with the domain in the zone info, blocks of oxygen, were punished and eject from the index only for the fact that the site in the zone info. Price for domain registration info in the area are lower than in any other. Because of the low cost domain, people have used info-sites for the doorways and resources, with poor content.

Because of this theory originated among the SEOs that search engine Yandex worse refers to sites in the blast zone info, namely the throwing out of the index only for the fact that the site is located precisely in This domain zone. Domains in any area, whether ru, biz or org, no different from any other domain zones. For search engines, all domains are equal, and for indexing sites in different domain areas and search engines do not need to apply any complementary technologies. Do not love the search engine Yandex for info domains known to all, but the soil under this theory, no. Yandex is struggling with doorway pages – is a fact, it's natural, it is right and that's fine. On the Internet a lot substandard resources and search engines all the forces they filtered. Rather than build fifteen hundred doorways and satellites make a decent white site prodvin and earn.

Would be nice to yourself and themselves. And as a bonus: for the sake of a cool witty in conversation would be to mention that you are the administrator vysokoposeschaemogo site and proudly puffed out his chest. Yandex stopped indexing doorways with stolen content, but they err on the search engine and the blast zone. It's a shame that people can not or do not want to look at their resources from outside. If the resource in the blast zone info is emitted from an index search engine – it does not excuse sin in the blast zone! Take a look at your site from the hand, the review article, pay attention to the number of selling options. And then think of his head. It is known that many factors affect the loss of a site from search engine indexing. Even if you have articles autograph, then pay attention to other people's websites on your topic, chances are that your saytik already plundered by bit. Met people who openly state that a few sites with a half- stolen content dropped from the index search engine Yandex redundant system. Well, what you like, gentlemen? Write quality unique content and you will be happy, and will no longer falling out. Searchers have not learned to identify source position and one can not exclude option that your top-notch content already plundered by govnosayty and naparsen in splogi. But the theory of Banach site because of the blast zone is false by default, it all intrigues mountain-optimizers, not a problem domain zone info.