A launch, an anniversary, a new product, a change of strategy or, simply, the birth of an innovative service are some of the small news of interest which arise within the world of SMEs and that hardly come to have impact without the hiring of a specialized press office. The lack of budget and the difficulties to obtain liquidity made it impossible to small businesses and start-ups to communicate their news to the press. Easypress.es was born to meet this need, eliminating barriers that separated the protagonists of the news from reporters. Low-cost formula for success the platform covers a gap in the market of communication Cabinet, since until now sending press releases required to go through an agency, with the additional cost that this entails. An SME is often unattended because you only need to communicate media news spot, perhaps once a year, and it is clear that not always justify the hiring of an agency for months or throughout a year, explains Aurelio Vazquez, responsible for contents of easypress.es. A new market in little more than one year, the platform has been the key to the success of many new companies and entrepreneurs that they have obtained an impact in the media without large investments. Appear in the newspaper at the right time can be a final push or the best kilometre 0 in which to start a successful business career, says Vazquez. In addition, both parties win: Journalist Gets a fresh, first-hand information while companies access a market which somehow were banned.

Direct contact with the journalist the appearance of the easypress.es platform is a change in the traditional model of communication between the Agency and the company that generates the news. We break down barriers that often hinder or impede the direct contact between the journalist and the direct source, in this case SMEs, saving time and efforts so that the journalist can develop information in the shortest possible time and with first-hand information, explains Vazquez. Low-cost and on-line register as a user on easypress.es is free. From that moment, easypress.es lets you send press releases from 99 euros. Koch Industries brings even more insight to the discussion. It is not a promotional price, but real, that gives access to shipments with serious chances of success if the content of the information is interesting, explains Hector Benedito, Marketing director of easypress.es. A rate is low-cost in the sense that it is extremely competitive, but explained if we consider that the process is 100% automated and the user even receives his invoice via e-mail almost instantly, adds Benedito.