Personal and professional lives is almost impossible without the electronic helpers – computers and laptops. The ubiquity of digital technology makes to give priority to the reliability of these devices. Sooner or later everyone is faced with a situation where the laptop fell out of the bag, spilled coffee on it, etc. And, unfortunately, this often leads to the output of the laptop down, or, last but not least, a loss of information. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. Of course, most producers try to adapt their machines to stressful situations, but not everyone can cope with this task. In its product lines, manufacturers offer laptops with different degree of protection – and the industry, nearly armor models, and just slightly more resistant to external influences protected laptops. Let's see what the protected laptop.

The name itself implies certain design features that enable electronics keep working and protect it from lustruktivnyh external influences such as falls, dust, shock, humidity, spray, vibration, too high and low temperatures. Thus, gaining a secure laptop, you can be sure that the device is protected from these vulnerabilities, or at least, their impact less damaging than conventional portable computers. How to choose neubivaemy laptop? Apart from the technical characteristics of the notebook, which are important when choosing any model, you need to pay attention to a number of standards of security. If the laptop meets military standard MIL STD 810 F – you can be confident in its strength, because This standard was developed by the U.S. government and covers a lot of tests designed to determine the reliability of equipment. Another frequently used indeksdlya security assessment – IP (Ingress Protection) – consists of two numbers, where the first indicates how the device is protected from falling into foreign objects (dust), and the second characterizes the degree of resistance to penetration of liquids (Immersion, spray). The higher these numbers, the more reliable laptop. All laptops are tested for water resistance, impact resistance, resistance to vibration, as well as to work in a different temperature range.

So makes the laptop secure? Key standard features that determine the strength of a laptop – it locks on the DVD-drive, special constructive matrix, hard disk drives with impact protection (or removable), sealing plugs for sockets ports, reinforced body, flexible joints. Do I have protected you need to buy a laptop, or you can do the usual – in response to this question carefully weigh all the pros and cons. Rugged Notebooks are more expensive, and thus they are less functional. However, if you plan to use your laptop not only at home or at the office and take on business trips, vacations and nature, additional protection for the laptop would not be superfluous.