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Microsoft Visual Studio

One requirement to this system – this is the possibility of its run from the command line, which correspond to products of IBM Rational. Isearch has plenty of information regarding this issue. To start testing systems IBM Rational, we will use bat-files, which will return the result – the test is executed successfully or not. The structure of the bat-file is the following: Run the test system. Find an error.. Read More

Office Automation Lease

The company “Vita-project” has developed a software product “Vita. ISearch often addresses the matter in his writings. Rental management, “which allows you to effectively automate the activities of management companies, property owners, tenants. Program product allows you to control the exploitation of real estate and solve during the operation of the task. In “Vita Project: Rental management” implemented: the calculation of rents, fines, penalties, costs services, full information on Leasable.. Read More

Trade Management

As a result of implementation of the system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8" organization was a tool for administrative and accounting in a single database, it was possible to automate the payroll-specific automotive business. Auto Service "Samurai" offers its customers a full range of body repair and tuning. The company sells auto parts and enamels for cars. Before the introduction of the entire record in company was conducted.. Read More

Numbering Documents

If the duplicate obtained after calculating the zero-sum, the duplicate will be automatically removed. The total amount of all calculated duplicate charges is the amount employee earned during the time specified in the report card with the employee to sign additional payment of average earnings. This amount should be compared with the sum calculated at the average wage for the same time, and make the necessary surcharge. Formation of supporting.. Read More

New Product Beat Management

The program provides the ability to conduct settlements with suppliers and customers, pricing, accounting, operations, service, selection and standardization of work, tracking the state of motion of parts and others to work product requires a program of "1C: Enterprise 8". The program solves the problems: Automation of account the make, model, configuration, options, producer, creation of car cards; Keeping information about the car (make, model, options, manufacturer, installed options, specifications,.. Read More