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SIS – So Do You?

The new album by SIS – so do you? Every truth needs a brave, who pronounces them\”, the large German daily newspaper with the four letters overwrote their advertising campaign some time ago. However, only one-third of the truth, because not enough a brave alone with the best will in the German music scene. Nowhere near enough, when it comes to the many small truths in the battle of the.. Read More

Best Inear Headphones

REALsound by ReSound since one year topped the HIFI test the best in-ear headphones for iPod & co. get so in the audiologist of for more than a year the verdict of the magazine HIFI test. The are In the ear – headphones REALsound by ReSound, manufactured on basis of individual impressions, in the test charts of the renowned consumer electronics magazine since June 2007 unchallenged on square 1 of.. Read More

Sohne Mannheims And Xavier Naidoo Solo In A Double Pack On Tour

Sohne Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo solo in a double pack on tour at the beginning stands the open air premiere at the legendary Berliner Waldbuhne. From mid-October until the beginning of December the Sohne of Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo present themselves then in consecutive, individual concerts for the first time together and not unplugged within double events! What betting sing in Schwetzingen”successfully and is now Platinum finish from the baptism.. Read More