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Screen-based media are not the new media are always the best toys out of our lives, and especially in those of our children still barely get away to think. So, various game consoles are located in many households in addition to radio, TV and PC. Swarmed by offers, Mashable is currently assessing future choices. The early school age children express the wish, an own TV in the bedroom is entitled.. Read More

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The digital tutoring – FRANZIS basic school package 1-4 grades for Nintendo DS 2010 Poing/Munich, 02.02.2010 – the Franzis Verlag in expanding its product portfolio in the education segment and announces, just in time for the next half of the school year of the new elementary school 1-4 2010 for Nintendo DS class. Child-friendly, the new version offers over 3000 items developed by educators in the fields of social studies,.. Read More