Thinstuff TSX scan: scan now available in Terminal Server environments at the workplace of Schorndorf, 08 June 2010, many companies are already on server based computing (SBC) as efficient and flexible solution for your IT environment. Only when scanning documents into SBC infrastructures the problem is that the application lying on the server has no direct communication with the scanner and scans thus generally outside of the Terminal Server must be. Thinstuff TSX scan offers the VAD of sysob ( from now a stand-alone tool that enables effortless scanning in SBC infrastructure directly to the client. Compared to traditional PC environments, server-based computing offers a variety of advantages with regard to management, safety and economy. Only the scanning of documents could be made just outside the Terminal Server as a direct communication between the scan application and the scanners connected to the workstation using the RDP Protocol was not possible. TSX scan by Thinstuff integrates seamlessly and freely scalable in any Terminal Server environments, regardless of whether it involves standard solutions from Microsoft, or whether Terminal Server Extensions for example, Propalms, JETRO, WinConnect, Thinstuff XPVS, etc. are in use. Communication between scanner application on the Terminal Server and the respective scanner at work via a virtual channel of the RDP Protocol.

The scanner application on the Terminal Server recognizes all scanners that are available at the different workstations within the network available in the installation and releases it for the individual jobs. The actual scanning process via the scanner driver that is installed on the client workstation and thus across the network provides all functions of each selected scanner. The scan data, which are sent to the Terminal Server, be massively compressed TSX-scan so that the solution also over very narrow-band connections is used. The named user follows TSX scan Licensing, whereby each workplace should be scanned from which is licensed.