Construction machinery, construction vehicles, mobile cranes, etc. are valuable goods, which are often for weeks on inadequately secured and not monitored construction sites in use. Contractors are therefore the issues of theft detection or protection against theft and embezzlement as well as usage monitoring and control of hours through GPS positioning systems of central importance. offers industry-oriented solutions the telematics solutions are suitable for companies of all industries. If necessary, special solutions are possible at any time. Many years and collected in your sector experience, from which we have developed solutions with our partner, that you can use an excellent tool in the hand your employees for work processes and problems that arise in the daily execution of your activities are the result of construction industry the details of the following texts. Fleet their vehicles / your machines for Telematikanbieter is the biggest challenge for your vehicles and Machines with your different requirements, to create hardware and software that meet them. To some to name a few: construction equipment (excavators, wheel loaders, crawler, cranes, dumpers,) truck (Tipper, trailers, vehicles with hook, lift,) commercial vehicles (vans, minibuses, pickup, PickUp,) car trailers and emergency power generators, tools and spare parts hardware solutions, we respond with a large number of different hardware solutions to cover the wide range of applications. -for truck or construction machine telematics solutions to collect service information, motor temperature, mileage, fuel, engine speed, fuel consumption, driver identification via transponder optional is the job submission, navigation and timekeeping over a driver display feasible to collect data such as for PTO, door, ignition, etc., as well as evidence of operating hours and downtime, as well as theft protection – telematics solutions easy for passenger cars and commercial vehicles for Detection and protection against theft or advanced telematics solutions for driver identification transponders for tracking, theft protection, auxiliary drives like sweeping machine, mower, salt spreader, snow blade etc., optionally with driver display order transmittal, order confirmation, navigation to the next area / customer / order, working time recording – we offer for high-quality machines / trailer / aggregate / attachments without their own power supply a telematics solution with autonomous power supply for up to three years without charge, in addition to IP 65/67 refrigeration, Is heat – and waterproof.