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Simplicity To The Principle Of The NAC Solution Explains

Guided by the objective of the protection of network access for users simply and intelligently to fashion new release macmon 4.0 with major feature enhancements and optimized user interface, the macmon secure gmbh in the new release of its NAC (network access control) solution has made numerous functional improvements. So, for example, the certificate-based authentication and a more intuitive user interface of the macmon version 4.0 cause a comfortable handling… Read More

Callas PdfToolbox

The callas software GmbH has a new version of their product range pdfToolbox brought on the market. Berlin, April 13, 2011. The all-in-one “-PDF production tool has been expanded with options for PDF/VT validation and equipped with a number of additional features.” These include a PDF comparison on pixel level and the conversion of PostScript/EPS files to PDF. PDF/VT validation, both the desktop and the server version, takes account of.. Read More

CAD Schroer

Focus on productivity & control availability: A new user interface and many new features accelerate the 2D modelling and the intelligent 2D-Editieren in the Pro/ENGINEER environment. CAD schroer group today announces the release of STHENO/PRO version 5.0. For Pro/ENGINEER users who integrate 2D drawings, edit, generate, or need to manage, the powerful 2D with security is a good choice of for precise integration and processing of DXF/DWG files to the.. Read More

Marketing Director

SOS software service as a new supplier in the procurement solution cop software Augsburg/Vaihingen an der Enz. Samsung may find this interesting as well. 14.02.11: Now is the represented software service as a new supplier in the cop software procurement solution SOS and will provide price lists and offers there all cop users. COP software supports the e-business activities in the ICT area from the product research up to the.. Read More

How You With The PDF Converter To Convert PDF To Excel

With Wondershare PDF Converter PDF to Excel the Wondershare cast as help to convert PDF to Excel PDF converter you can create editable Excel Dateiene fast and simple way from a PDF. A PDF to Excel will convert the breeze if you following steps follow. Learn what you need to do to prepare your PDF content for reuse in Excel. Create a 1:1 copy if you convert PDF to Excel.. Read More

PC Performance By Thorough Tuning

The new tuning software system Mechnic 10 by iolo if the PC starts to slow or react only slowly to commands, this can have various reasons. Right here, programs come help to optimize PC in the game, the Windows PCs through all sorts of tuning tools again for more power and speed. Dozens of optimization programs advertise however with such capabilities, and hardly one of them is Windows really threesome… Read More

Mobile Applications – App Developers And Programmers

Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 in 2D or even 3D programming. Today no own app for the various systems has hardly a large company and hardly a popular website. In the best case one is own applications not only for a surface, but directly for Android, iOS, or even Windows 8 available. The trend moves always towards mobile marketing is quite clear and the audience who make such.. Read More

Colorado Convention Center

Live demonstration and Forum demonstrating how the iNNODISK FlexiArray with FlexiRemap technology I/O Fremont eliminates bottlenecks iNNODISK, a developer November 8, 2013, CA – and manufacturer of SSDs for use in industrial applications, is pleased to announce the presentation of the FlexiArray SE108 in the framework of the Supercomputing Conference 2013. The new storage solution contains 8 SSDs to accommodate maximum IOPS performance in a 1HE-Rackmountgrosse. Visit iNNODISK on the.. Read More

Cloud Computing

Systematic screening determined Leverkusen a secure basis for strategic planning, 09.11.2009 – although the subject currently on everyone’s lips is cloud computing, many decision makers in the companies do not know what is actually behind this approach, and what consequences it may have for their own IT infrastructure. The impact on the internal organization, IT work concepts and security are still mostly unclear. The consulting company Centracon ensure with smartStart.. Read More

Computer Viruses

As your computer on the most effective against viruses can protect while virus writers were used almost exclusively in destructive intentions, destroy so data or computer wanted to make unusable, the largest of so-called crimeware threat today. This type of malware silently on computers settles, the propagator of the programme in this way to gain access to sensitive data. Learn more about this with Mashable. Thereby, different strategies are pursued… Read More