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The mission: more price transparency in hotel bookings in the power trip REBEL is a new online hotel booking portal with headquarters in Graz and Hamburg. The special thing about it: the price drops after booking, the customer gets back automatically the difference. Seeking to keep this promise, trip REBEL for each booking daily for cheaper deals. As soon as the price for the booked hotel rooms, the customer will.. Read More

Creative Sleep

The designer hotel searching for new and exciting experiences increasingly become company sport. So much is already seen, experienced and evaluated, that many tourists are looking for that special something, the unique. A new, creative decor with discovery character in so-called designer hotels is dedicated to this trend, as the booking portal The Van Gogh hanging in the Voyer, the carpets are brushed and the floors Flash: A nice.. Read More

Air Transport Sector

Reform of security controls necessary recent incidents bring the problem to light: after several bombs finds the debate over tighter controls receives new explosive. Add to your understanding with tech investor. The flight Portal reported about the current discussion and possible changes. There are various suggestions to improve safety in the air cargo transport. Is so, for example, in the interview, to hand over the security control of the.. Read More

Costa Ricacoffee Bananas

Costa Rica-a small country with a great future of Costa Rica on the way from the Banana Republic to the innovative technology. During the Spanish colonial rule, Costa Rica traditionally lived from agriculture. Only in the 18th century began the at that time still very poor small country, with the export of cocoa and tobacco. The country witnessed the economic breakthrough, however, only with the help of coffee cultivation in.. Read More


Following the sun I love the rest of Turkey and share his impressions of his travels too much. This time I chose the Side. What I hasten to tell you. Side is a whimsical tale of a beautiful sea, golden sands and ancient history. First impressions. The choice of resort-process difficult and delicate. I wanted not just lie on the sand, but to actively move around, look a little more.. Read More