Costa Rica-a small country with a great future of Costa Rica on the way from the Banana Republic to the innovative technology. During the Spanish colonial rule, Costa Rica traditionally lived from agriculture. Only in the 18th century began the at that time still very poor small country, with the export of cocoa and tobacco. The country witnessed the economic breakthrough, however, only with the help of coffee cultivation in the 19th century. This remained the most important economic factor in Costa Rica for many years. Also started towards the end of the 19th century increased the cultivation of bananas. The pineapple so known for Costa Rica, received feed only in the 1980s by the company Del Monte.

Meanwhile, the Central American country has become the world’s leading exporter of pineapple. The pineapple cultivation was not always unproblematic. The strong use of pesticides resulted in early days increasingly to diseases in the workforce. Now, you try this with a greener Variant. In recent years, Costa Rica experienced a kind of economic structural change. Increasingly, the small country from the agrarian evolved to Dienstleistungs – and industrial State.

Especially within the last two decades, Costa Rica has established itself as an important location in the area of high technology. According to a decision study, Costa Rica is currently even the world’s fourth largest exporter of high-tech products. The front seats prove the Asian countries, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Costa Rica is a leader especially if the exports of integrated circuits and medical equipment. Furthermore, the Republic of Costa Rica opened last year the National Center for biotechnology, short CENIBiot. The laboratory is the largest of its kind in Central America and is located in the city of San Jose. Due to its rapid development to a technology around the world should not be ignored, Costa Rica presents itself increasingly as innovative and forward-looking. For your Costa Rica vacation, we recommend an individual, innovative hotel at the Pacific sandy beach near the city of Samara. Here you will find more information about Costa Rica Guanacaste.