Computer hardware part 2: The real innovations in the realm of computers In the last century were laid many foundations for today’s computers. These include both software and hardware. To get a little feel for the age of the basics, let me here on the hardware side. As many already know, consist of a lot of so-called chips”computer. But what exactly is in them in there? The answer sounds actually much too easy: transistors, and tons of it. Today’s technology would be unthinkable without transistors.

He is the most fundamental element of electrical circuits in a computer. It involves small circuits”, which either let through electricity or run or just no power allow or block. First patents for the transistor principle dating back to the year 1925 by Julius Edgar Lily field. Later, in the 1960s, he was suitable for CPU, RAM, ROM, etc. Even the ink-jet printer comes from this period, before the laser printer was invented in the 1970s already.

The first Intel processor comes from the year 1971. It was the Intel 4004, which worked with legendary 4 bit. Still in the same decade were 8 – and even 16-bit processors on the market. in 1978 it came then to so-called IBM-PC, which was created by Intel and thus got its name, that all since then built processors from Intel should be backward compatible with IBM. And since prevailed this principle, other manufacturers such as AMD build IBM compatible processors. Today, this term is however hardly common, because already the majority assumes that work programs from a friend also in themselves. Assuming, of course, to use the same operating system. These fundamentals can be found today all over the place. It change, visible to the end user, in fact only the clock frequencies and speeds, there are more features. Higher, further, faster. But the core is the same as in the last century. And that’s definitely not bad, because a solid knowledge of basis of not as quickly obsolete. And I’m trying with this series of articles After all to convey, so you know for the next PC purchase, what is in the gray box and can hole the seller with knowledgeable questions or but to the desired solution is faster when problems.