Following the sun I love the rest of Turkey and share his impressions of his travels too much. This time I chose the Side. What I hasten to tell you. Side is a whimsical tale of a beautiful sea, golden sands and ancient history. First impressions.

The choice of resort-process difficult and delicate. I wanted not just lie on the sand, but to actively move around, look a little more to it than to brag to your friends. The choice fell on the Side, a beautiful cozy city, close to many ancient ruins, and the excursion we were promised rich. 75 km to Side-close. Through the windows flash palm, hotels, mosques with minarets, and everywhere imaginable and unimaginable places growing Turkish flag. Affects automobile traffic: it is scarce.

Perhaps because of high gasoline prices? In Turkey, there are three groups of products whose prices can irritate the Russian tourists, men in particular: strong alcohol is not local (Local alcohol as the practice is not strong), petrol and cigarettes. They arrived nicely at the hotel greeted like family, all conversations are conducted in our great and mighty language. Nice. Look around, the lobby, beauty, abundance in the interior gilt, twisted columns, marble, carved arches … Oriental fairy tale, and nothing else. Went to the beach: palm trees and sand, deck chairs and umbrellas free of charge, and putting himself take wherever you want. The beach, like I said, sandy, but at the depths of the sea, is rock. Today, after dinner, see the animated show, usually, sometimes funny. And tomorrow in Side-acquainted with the city, in the next few days, guided tours, we have everything mapped out. Side. Side-peninsula green and surrounded by a strip of sandy beaches. A small town, you can walk and walk. However, if lazy, you can ride a bus or rent a car in the hotel ($ 20 per hour), there are scooters and bicycles.