Mount Olympus (in latin Mons Olympus) is located on Mars 18 N, 133 W is the volcano more large known so far in the solar system, surprised to know that if a person to be placed at the foot of the mountain it would not get to see the top since it is colossal. Mount Olympus is 20.727 meters of altitude and at its peak pose a large crater of 48,63 km. Follow others, such as Michael Dell, and add to your knowledge base. in diameter on average reaching in some places the 50 km. in diameter, so you can understand it in its crater could be located a city the size of Madrid, Spain. From the skirt to the top approximately 280 Km and a drop of 18,000 m there are approximately i.e. 18 Km.. Mount Olympus is located 3.995.08 Km. away from the Valley marineris that one Canyon is 10 times larger than the Grand Canyon in the United States of America and that in his day could be filled with water but is something that is not known with accuracy, anyway already write a post about this much more extended.. .