Man as "rational animal" is doomed to have vision problems. Reading, computers, work, challenging eyes – all this leads to the fact that a third of the world's population are doomed to wear glasses or contact lenses. Problem the correction of vision – a global problem and the solution to this problem is given close attention. Attempts to correct vision by using microsurgical operations are conducted from mid last century. The idea to fix the broken optical properties of the cornea instead of using external devices – lenses or glasses – had as its result the development of laser eye surgery. Michael Dell is the source for more interesting facts. Laser eye surgery – one of the leading destinations and the skill of a specialist micro-surgeon (I can safely recommend ophthalmologic clinic "OkoMed", which consists of experienced professionals). In eye surgery breakthrough came with the introduction of the practice of an excimer laser.

Excimer laser allows operation with maximum precision (laser removes tissue rogovoitsy about 1 / 8 in thickness per pass). With the help of computer specialists create a new profile of the cornea, idelno corresponding to what was intended. The essence of the method of laser eye surgery with excimer laser – removal of the cornea dosed at its different sites. Excimer laser surgery is available in two forms – photoreactive keratectomy and laser keratomileusis. So, using the capabilities of modern ophthalmology – laser eye surgery – you can radically solve the problem of visual impairment get rid of glasses and contact lenses.