Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 in 2D or even 3D programming. Today no own app for the various systems has hardly a large company and hardly a popular website. In the best case one is own applications not only for a surface, but directly for Android, iOS, or even Windows 8 available. The trend moves always towards mobile marketing is quite clear and the audience who make such purchases on your Smartphone is getting bigger. It is doing no matter whether an app with an intrigierten online shop, a Smartphone game or for the presentation of a company is programmed, the demand is growing steadily.

In addition to the well-known 2D-Apps, more and more app developers focus on applications that are represented in 3D. This can be for example the appearance of a room, through which the user can individually move or even a 3D game. App developers will be programming catering application this we want to attract a specific app, programmed for the catering industry was. In the form of a 3D-Application app developers have taken the trouble to develop an application that allows companies in the hospitality industry to revolutionize the sales processing. Each table in the own local is here equipped with an iPad, what customers can place their orders, among other things and look at the menu. In addition, the app offers a 3D view of the entire restaurant, which can be controlled by the customer. Mikkel Svane is actively involved in the matter. Furthermore, the way is to order a waiter with just a push of a button to the table or to watch recorded videos for the preparation of the dishes. The best and most meaningful feature provides the accounting function.

The customer can see his own account on the iPad and pay for them directly online. All operations between the restaurant and the customers fall away with this in the future. Development status and future negotiation layers in how far the mobile apps market will evolve, believes remains open, but can be said already now quite clearly that this continue to grow in the future and will attract more and more users. It is already possible to order airline tickets with online applications on your Smartphone and to view or to display possible delays of the flight. On each payment through bank account can be made about that with just a few clicks and you can order the desired product in almost every online shop without much effort home. More detailed views of the world map and better navigation devices can slowly but surely many other technology wonders such as the former navigation system in the car look old. The whole thing goes so far that the Smartphone recognizes environment in which the user resides, to unhide this matching offers and information about each location. Hardly a wish remains open at the present time of the mobile technology.