Fixing shells can be produced on-site construction of the pipeline or in the shop. Principle applies when replacing old insulation anywhere in the heating during the planned renovation of heating systems and in emergency situations – for fast recovery in isolation on a refurbished section of the pipeline. Assembling shells rtd has a low complexity and high speed. If we ignore the time spent on the production of polyurethane foam segments in the shop, we can assume that productivity is directly on the installation at the facility is much higher than the performance of the same amount of work during the deposition and in 2 – 3 times reduces installation time by shells ppu Compared with conventional materials: two workers may sheathe the pipe and 200 linear meters per shift. Polyurethane shell mounted on a pipe with a wire or a polymer tape Sealing adhesive mass.

Thermal insulation tap produces a set of polyurethane foam insulation of the appropriate configuration. As adhesive masses are used: – components ppu – bitumen – polymer sealant – specially designed adhesive, etc. As a result, a number of experiments, in consultation with customers and experts on the use of polyurethane foam has been developed quite cheap and effective technology for assembling shells rtd on the pipe. Polyurethane segments appropriate diameter, mounted on a prepared ( and Primary coated) pipe. Joints shells necessarily bitumen – polymer mastic or other compound, which gives the necessary waterproofing. Mastic serves another function – to provide sufficient mobility of the compounds isolated by thermal motions of the pipeline during its operation. Therefore, we must refuse to adhesives, solidifying 'tightly', in those from the popular, virtually free money – bitumen dissolved in diesel fuel (diesel). At full drying of adhesives in the process of cracks, and sealing can not speak.

Mastic at solidification is similar to rubber or elastic polymer with good adhesion and mechanical tensile strength. Elongation of mastic in the 200 – 400% ensures tightness of joints with their 'exploitation'. For provide better waterproofing and mechanical strength of the assembly mounted puf insulation wraps outside the 'overlap' with a layer of fiberglass promazyvaniem same mastic in 2 – 3 coats before and after winding. Technology vandal-proof is a good remedy. Very rarely, insulation, made way for above-ground pipelines, subject to deterioration. Ripoffs coating materials have applications in everyday life, in contrast to others – traditionally used for mineral wool – galvanized, fiberglass, and even roofing material. Yes, and remove them is difficult.