Fight against bacteria, viruses and all possible dangerous germs by using natural applications! Silicon as Lifesaver zeolite, Clinoptilolite also is nothing more than boiling stone. Chemically silica, a mineral compound that formed lava on Earth more than 77 million years ago. The special feature of zeolite is its well-ordered crystal lattice structure. His ability learns the zeolite as a germ killer only when its physico-chemical properties are changed. This happens when they crushed the zeolite granules at the speed of sound in a spiral jet mill.

Through these Micronization, dissolved the crystals and their texture is extremely enlarged. Also, negative electrons on the surface of the Zeolithpartikel associated with this process. As a result, the zeolite in the small particle size easily penetrates the human cell membrane and can thus within the cells absorb free radicals, acids, heavy metals, such as lead or mercury, or even pathogenic germs. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. By the negative surface charge, the zeolite wins a strong affinity and ion exchange capacity. He finds a certain extent automatically to the inflammation, there to trap viruses or bacteria.

The zeolite is completely biocleanser and not accumulate in human tissue. Zeolite behaves neutral assimilation. He enters no enzymatic connections with other substances. Once with pollutants, filled cell slag or pathogenic germs, leaving the human body via blood stream, the lymph and the excretory system. A pleasant side effect: zeolite adsorbs on its way through the body of parasites. This leads subsequently to reduce weight because the food depots created by the parasite (little flab) due to the absence of parasites are metabolized and melt down. Those who opt for this natural detoxification path, you should drink it as much as possible. With regard to the microbiologist at least three months based the application period. In practice it has proven, 10 g/day up to 15 g to take zeolite in water, or adequate quantity in capsules each 500 mg. Usually, the pleasant feeling of a substantial increase in energy adjusts itself after a short time. You should make sure that the zeolite is a certified medical product. Only way to ensure a high standard of quality.