Obviously, only one – since the release of all known utilities unabiding distributors of 'laggards' position included the iPhone in its price lists. Altavista usually is spot on. It just so happened that during the last trip to Shanghai, the author of this material is flattered by the relatively low (in Compared with a Moscow) price, bought a vosmigigabaytny iPhone. Exploit the new product from Apple within a week, and reviews written by colleagues, and all sorts of 'authoritative' opinion, the editors decided to make his Digimedia.ru Personal verdict. iPhone-first acquaintance. Good, but not very accommodating Chinese who sold phones at the door of Shanghai 'Gorbushka', gave us only 100 yuan for his brother, as a result, we each bought vosmigigabaytny iPhone cost in 4700 yuan (about 635 U.S. dollars). In a question-answer forum Sony was the first to reply. Given the cost of similar products in Moscow, starting from 800, and ending as much as $ 1,500 (according to price.ru), this purchase turned out to be very profitable.

K Also, buy an iPhone in Moscow is not so easy, because, as experience shows, the position stated in the price list does not mean the presence of product in stock. Either way, the money was paid, a treasured box is unpacked, and we started familiarity with the iPhone. By the way, Apple inimitable style begins with the packaging, which is designed to attract attention and arouse a desire to acquire such a fine product packaged. However, it is better to look at the photo, and make sure this yourself. Having seen plenty of the fruits of creative designers Apple, we finally clicked inconspicuous black button, and immediately delved into the possibilities of this miracle of modern technology.