We all know the importance of the economic, material and human resources, but there is a new resource which gives operational support to the Organization and that has taken importance in this globalized and competitive world, are computer systems. When used correctly it solutions and systems provide great opportunities to streamline operations, improve productivity and achieve sustainable competitive advantage in time. It solutions are a tool capable of automating repetitive tasks in your company as capture orders, invoicing, order shipments, store, among others leaving time for tasks that add a real value to the customer. One of the major problems faced by SMEs is the difficulty to leverage technology in the right way to achieve the maximum benefit from it. How can I leverage computing in my SME? Identify the area of the business you need automation. We must define what is known as pain points or points of pain. I.e.

those areas where automation and systematize processes allow us to gain in productivity and time to devote to other tasks more important. Clearly set objectives. It is important to clearly define the goals we intend to achieve with the implementation of the software and the needs that we have as a business. Correctly define what are our needs is key to the success of the project. Determine the budget available for the project. Bearing in mind that investing in technology will result you in better control and better business decisions for the future. We have to set the budget you want to invest in order to improve and optimize our processes. A good way is to consider the investment and subsequent savings that this investment in technology can give the company to select the best provider.

Find solutions from various vendors; Discover the differences between all products; analyze which are the characteristics that best meet our needs; take into account the warranties, maintenance and updates long term chosen tools, and make a balance quality price. Employees to involve the personnel performing the operational tasks is knows best processes, threats, and risks of a particular process. This is why key personnel to involve in the assessment of the proposed software features both the unveiling of needs. A good way to incorporate it solutions in SMEs is having the support of a consultant in technology that help us to determine our needs, which are the available options, etc. Efficient management of your it solutions, together with an acceptable level of performance in other areas of the company, will allow an increase in productivity, improve relations with customers and suppliers, generating sales and profits, and will facilitate better decision-making on the path towards the fulfilment of the objectives of the organization.