People who are insured in the statutory health insurance, must accept severe limits in many areas. It shows very clearly that those who are insured in the statutory health insurance, suffered severe limits in many areas. Co-payments are often treatments do, others are not even taken over by the insurance. So nobody must accept the disadvantages in the field of own health and must pay high costs, the performance should be increased, with a supplementary insurance. One important area that is covered by the insurance, is the health insurance coverage abroad.

Also here, the insured person must experience large impairments. Can be reached with the health insurance abroad there, keep the grants of funds from abroad to a comparable standard of performance, as it can be used in the home. In many countries the insured of the statutory health insurance in a treatment must pay just a part of the costs local. With the Health insurance abroad can avoid this. The insurance company offers a much larger range of services so that more forms of treatment can be better funded. So nobody should reckon that his treatment abroad with a poorer quality is performed.

The insured person can contact the doctor of confidence abroad, so that also here better performance can be achieved. Health insurance abroad can be for the people advantage, who are planning a trip, and should always be completed so that no restrictions will be created. add to your knowledge base. Also for the people in the long term staying abroad, provides better protection for your own health should be built with the travel insurance.