On this stage of development of children – is a theme control knowledge into education, mandatory participation of gifted and talented children in competitions of different levels, participation in the intellectual games, subject Olympiads, scientific-practical conferences. Also, I believe that the necessary compulsory promotion of gifted children is a vital component contributing to creating and maintaining a high level scientific, technological, political, cultural and managerial capacity of the country is well-established search and training of gifted individuals. Formation of the intellectual elite, which essentially sets the rate of development of science, technology, economics, culture, determines the effectiveness of this development. Main direction of development of the modern school is a national program searches, diagnosis, training, Training and development of gifted children, aimed at preparing a creative person, talents and productive use. Domestic educators ns Leites, M. Matyushkin, vi Panov, vp Lebedeva, Yu D. Babevoy, sd mistle thrush, va Orlov, vs Yurkevich, el Yakovleva, va Yasvinym, ai Savenkov, etc. A number of studies on identifying, training and development of gifted children in the program and personally oriented practice-oriented education in secondary schools and further education; developed develop educational technologies that have changed the attitude towards this category of students; defined a strategy for creating a new model of education that promotes the diversification of each student through an experimental activity that school-based Center complex formation personality rw (pos.) and Center for Creative Children and Young People 'Zyablikovo' (Moscow). Similar studies conducted in the regions of our country between those focusing on innovative approaches in working with gifted students in our country and abroad, particularly in the U.S., it should be noted that for the national school system perspective are: the integrated use of methods for diagnosis of giftedness; development of creative and leadership abilities in students, deepening the differentiation on the objectives, content and teaching methods, use of specialized teacher mentoring programs.