Treat yourself, automatic doors with aluminum frame established by specialists who know their job will be to work qualitatively and without breakdowns 10-15 years. Standard same door on its hinges during the same period of time does not require quality repairs or even replacement. Installation of automatic doors not only saves you time and money, but the nerve cells, which are known, are not restored. Virtually all reputable supermarkets or prestigious office centers now have automatic input. And in most cases, these doors are not so much a confirmation of the high-class facility as a prerequisite for the competent organization of the input group. In Currently, the market of automatic doors is growing every day. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi.

This is primarily due to the massive construction of commercial real estate. What there are models of automatic doors and how to choose of them the best? The first reason is the installation of automatic doors – the need for closing large passages with heavy traffic count. Conventional hinged doors, even when equipped with robust hinges, long survive in an aperture width of 3.2 m and a height of 2,2-2,5 m, skipping a day thousands of visitors. This is due to the fact that such a large and, consequently, a heavy door mounted on a hinged bracket, and its center of gravity significantly shifted side of the attachment points. After a short time of her inevitably provisnet relatively loose loops and a rectangular shape due to loosening of the corner joints forming its vertical and horizontal profiles. Fold as an automatic sliding door, suspended for two carriages on the edges, does not experience such pressures, while maintaining their shape and position.

The second reason – widely used in supermarkets and hypermarket grocery carts and trucks with the ability to release them to the adjacent to the store parking lot. It is hard to imagine a buyer, pushing a cart through a normal hinged door. The third reason – respect for the shop owners of their customers to provide them with maximum comfort. Of course, even if the institution does not use carts, visitors that go with a variety of packages in their hands will be grateful possible not to catch their weight in one hand. The fourth reason – the need to reduce heat loss and maintain the indoor environment. Automatic doors, quickly opening up to the visitor, and almost instantly closing behind him, restrict the inflow of cold outside air in winter and heat in the summer. Finally, the important fifth reason – keeping the image of solid expensive shop or office.