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Finding A Good Perfume

Fragrances carry memories and emotions – and are ideal for this, to underscore his own personality. For this reason, a perfume is not just a fashion accessory, but a part of your own being. Some people even feel rather "naked" if they have created no scent. want to buy a perfume in a perfume shop, are there countless stunning fragrances for your own selection: Imaginative, liebsame girl scents, and interesting.. Read More

Electronic Music

The same face of electronic music at the time, like Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb. In importance and influence on the minds of them can compete only, perhaps, the epic The Future Sound called Lifeforms. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals (Elizabeth Fraser) of the Cocteau Twins, surrounded by infinite melancholy synth parties from time to time pop-up rhythms, electronic drones and bubbling, shifting piano accompaniment … sluggish and clumsy composition consisted.. Read More