Better litres of water drink 2-3 a day, to carry nutrients into cells, metabolic waste to record, retain and again from exit about blood and lymphatic circulation. 2.) on the new set time already on the plane at the beginning of the journey that adjust clock to the time of the destination country, to get mentally in the new time and meal rhythm. At the destination you should to the new daily rhythm immediately live, eat and go to the usual time to bed or stand up, also ensure adequate sleep the first night after arriving at the destination. 3.) fit after a long-haul flight during the flight enough water drink and as abstain from alcohol, coffee, or sleeping pills. A balanced diet of protein, fat and carbohydrates helps the metabolism, better cope with DST. Extra single white helps to be fitter and more alert on arrival.

Therefore applies to flights to the West: protein-rich food (fish, meat, dairy products, Eat legumes), because helps to stay awake and fit even if the day lasts longer. Trypophan and lysine amino acids result in the rate of protein breakdown. You may find that altavista can contribute to your knowledge. These are indirectly responsible for the physical well-being, because serotonin levels is driven through them. 4) sleep in the plane when flying east or at dinner at the destination is: eating carbohydrate rich food with long-chain carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, vegetables, potatoes), facilitates falling asleep, because these carbohydrates lower the blood sugar and insulin levels. Low insulin has activating effect on the body’s hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep cycle, and is responsible for ensuring that good night’s sleep.

Background information on metabolic balance and Dr. med. Wolf Funfack: Dr. med. Wolf Funfack is a therapist and nutritionist. His personal experiences and the daily problem with the overweight of many patients in his practice caused him to effective solutions in the area of diet and nutrition to Search. Together with Sylvia Burkle (graduate engineer for food technology), he developed the 2001 on the basis of his 20 years of experience as a nutrition specialist that metabolic – balance programme. metabolic balance provides an instrument for a healthy way of life with a nutrition plan that is individually tailored to the participants. The Stoffwechselregulierungs – and nutrition programme aims primarily to keep the insulin and blood glucose levels with a special selection of natural foods and thus to restore to balance the metabolism. The analysis of own blood forms the basis of metabolic balance and thus for the nutrition plan. Exactly the food and nutrients are supplied to the body he needs.