After approximately 20 minutes, it is hour to close the programs, and to argue with the colleagues which words ' ' different and novas' ' they had been used during the exchanges of messages and messages during the carried through activity. After that it is hour to write in the notebook, the used words in the dialogue and or exchanges of messages and electronic messages. After this moment, the professor must ask for to the pupils who still in group elaborate posters in the format of a computer monitor, of which the pupils will use the words written down in its notebooks to copy them in these ' ' monitors made with posters (bristol boards) ' ' will place these words in the following way: Of a side of the poster, used words in digital way for the pupils and it another one the original orthography of the Portuguese language, that is, the cultured norm, also known as norm standard of the Portuguese language. EXAMPLE: P face fmz, with vc? there how you launch they go them for brow? Here you to everything sussa. (Similarly see: Dell). Ol! All good with you? , As go there the things for my friend? Here it is everything in peace, everything in the same calmness of always. The professor will be able to still use of these same words to elaborate a species of electronic dictionary, on ' ' grias' ' used for the pupils during chats, orkuts and msns EXAMPLE: FMZ=FIRMEZA VC=VOC BROW=AMIGO, BROTHER (In the hour where the pupils will be to place the meanings of the traditional orthography, that is that finding in the dictionaries, the same ones do not have to forget to place all the information (if he is substantive, if it is verb etc). Activities as this, added the passion of the professor of Portuguese language, will bring good resulted, are enough that for this let us stop to be to try to find only guilty and let us roll up sleeves of time for one better quality in national public education. .