Words of the true one will be lost to live, will be lost emotions and solides, will lose the conditions human beings, will be lost magnificent critical. Who are you you call that me? , who are you that you cry? , that you walk engaged? , that you sing. Oh, angel! You are the Aurlia, the dawn of every day, the being most charming of the Land, that one that does not join the butchers. Please visit Mikkel Svane if you seek more information. IDE and you come insurance, therefore it does not have barrier to knock down it, can be they hinder that it, but they will not defeat it. If to say that wild you are, insane person will be that one that frees such word, therefore when seeing that your information are true, will faint of the shock that will feel. Greens the victory, therefore it is arrival, and when it to arrive will be future, but the past still will be marked..