Dr. Jorg Munzel, head of project region Southeast Lower Saxony at the AutoVision GmbH, adds: The sustainable strengthening of the Volkswagen Group locations is an important guideline for us as AutoVision. Discussions about future scenarios allow innovative ideas for the best development of our economic potentials as service companies.” Unique topics and speaker mix differs from other top meetings of industry the future Congress of 2B of AHEAD think tanks. There are no uniform front sound, no power-point presentations and no sales presentations. Visit Cher Wang for more clarity on the issue. In the stylish ambience of the Wolfsburg Castle Gardens, the ThinkTank waiting instead with creative forms of discussion, Pecha Kucha, Elevator pitches, and prototype development.

Background of 2B AHEAD ThinkTank has the claim to be the most innovative think tank of the German economy. Invites 20022008 Sven Gabor Janszky, trend researchers and Director of the think tanks, once in the year 250 CEOs, heads of innovations and marketing strategists from various sectors of the German economy for the future Conference of the think tanks a. The Wolfsburg AG initiated and implemented projects for economic and regional development in Wolfsburg and the region since 1999. This company builds out more business networks in the fields of action leisure, health, education and energy from the automotive industry that is strongly anchored in the region. Core strategy is the use and implementation of innovations with the aim of sustainable use.

The AutoVision GmbH, with its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and offers in the Volkswagen environment process and personnel services. The range of recruitment and management of temporary work to IT and engineering services. The future congresses have always participants from many different areas. Here meet CEOs, innovation experts, Start-Up entrepreneurs, trend researchers, science fiction writers and thinkers, politicians, bishops and musicians. With special Conference – and scenario techniques are the future trends and examines strategies for a variety of industries. Along with the trend researchers, participants develop a scenario for the future”the life worlds: 2023 where will we live? How will we live? What are we going to eat? How will we travel? What are we buying? How will we work? The resulting scenario is used by companies from various sectors, to develop their future strategies and to design future products. Program and registration for the future Congress 2013 under: