A car get who asks for often more to the car than just the basic equipment or trucks can be hired from various providers for one or more days, or even in the long term tariff in any city. Often, these providers but differ in the Extras, which additionally can be claimed. Offers car hire Germany straight when there are substantial price differences these extras. At the baby – or child seats, there are providers, the a fixed daily or monthly price charge. Competitors offer these partly free of charge or with significant discounts in the context of family rates. Now it has spread everywhere, that suitable tyres on the vehicle must be mounted in the winter. Or nothing goes into the mountains without snow chains.

Also notice provider that add an extra price charged for this equipment and on the other hand there are special winter offers, where at least the winter tyres is free. But also offers ski carriers there are substantial price differences. A navigation device fitted is today often, at least from the middle-class. If you are not convinced, visit Skillz. Who is already familiar with this guidance, would refrain from even with a car not. There are car rental providers that do this even as a surcharge. ated topic. There to carry something bigger or to cope with a move on their own, is not sufficient for a smooth transport of trucks alone.

A stable hand truck, lashing straps with or without ratchet, Pack blankets and furniture roller are important helpers. Alone the lashings are a must of the regulations, so that the cargo in the truck may be properly secured. It is worth to ask here directly from the provider if there is a cheap package for this transport aid. In terms of comfort and, if necessary, additional load, extras such as air conditioning, automatic transmission, and the towing coupling are often demand extra. Air conditioning and automatic transmissions are often available free of charge from a certain category of vehicle. At the trailer coupling is particularly sure whether the rented vehicle must cope with the planned annex load according to the certificate of approval. For longer distances an additional driver is needed often, not exceeding driving time. The charges for this vary. Car rental Germany