Long winter break requires attention after a long winter waiting many motorcycle riders already eagerly to pursue their hobby again in better weather. Just after such a long break, it is even more important to curb the risk of an accident by similarly restrained their own driving style, as well as meaningful technical protection measures. The non-profit organization of MEHRSi – safer for motorcyclists is dedicated to this goal for years. This institution aims to reduce death rate and degree of injury under Zweiradfahrer(Inne)n. The stated task is to equip with Underride Protection crash barriers of for motorcyclists in Germany’s dangerous curves. Motorcycle Tourer.com, the new Internet portal for travel joyful motorcyclists, takes also the topic of security. For one, a driving safety training according to the rules of the DVR is offered together with the transportation departments of Potsdam. Currently is also the draw of a voucher for such free driver safety training Instead of.

In addition, the commitment supported now MERHRSi this, for each new partner a donation giving this establishment. Further information can be found under motorcycle Tourer.com Fred D. Zagrodnik Schreberstr. 16 14167 Berlin