Gasket, mounting to a test of new cable lines with a voltage 0.4-10kV, Moscow cable networks must be carried out by specialized construction and assembly, electrical and cooperative organizations. Staff generating installation of cable lines (superintendents, master) is allowed to work only after the passage of special education and examinations in the commission of iss Mosenergo. itr (foreman, craftsmen, etc.) after the exam is given "Permit" on the right gasket and mounting iss voltage cables up to 10kV, without specifying the period of validity of the "Permissions". Re-certification is made in the event that the foreman (Master) deprived of the right strip and installation of gross violations of installation technology. Cable requirements, recommended for installation in the iss. For installation in the iss recommended brand cable voltage 1-10kV and their applications are given in Table 1, Specific requirements for cable Brand AAShv cables with aluminum conductors, taken as a baseline.

Along with them, can be used cables with copper conductors. Allowed replacement of these brands in the project cables other brands of cables of the same voltage and section, but subject to negotiation with the project organization, with iss and with changes to the design and cost estimate. For laying cables on vertical or slant paths (in land, air) must use cables with depleted impregnation, such as brand AABl-B or similar, as well as cables with insulation impregnated with the composition does not flow, such as brand TsAABl or similar. In addition to these basic cable you can apply similar cables, which are in service are subjected to tensile efforts (eg, AAPl-armor of the flat wiring) and cables with increased current loadings (eg AABlU).