Clean tissues is subject to enormous loads, which can disturb the functionality in the context of continuous decontamination (and sterilization). A planned timely replacement is recommended after a defined number of reprocessing cycles. If the clothing has no optical abnormalities, the Exchange – in particular in sterilized clothing – cancelled after around 60-70 cycles. It electronic inventory management systems have established themselves for this on the market, which by transponder technology (chip) or bar-coding a reliable Management enable electronic inventory management as a basis for: fixing the quantities of equipment definition of place of use adherence of all relevant data (such as repairs, Assembly details) treatment type age determination of the textile determination of residence external of service provider specializing in the treatment of clean room textiles, commercial service providers have the necessary infrastructure and the corresponding know-how. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro . It is to check whether the service provider can meet the demands placed on him. These include primarily: the facilities staff and their qualification the machines quality control documentation that effectiveness of the washing process / products is there to note that verified (validated and possibly listed) procedures and products are allowed only in their effectiveness. All requirements agreed with the operation preparatory to should be clearly defined and agreed in writing.

An auditing/supplier evaluation of the processing operation should be done in any case. Author Stephan May, notes: EC GMP Guide/Mikrobioloigsche u particle limits in the cleanroom standards manual, clean room technology, Erwin Memmert, Beuth Verlag clean room textile wash, Eisenach, Mr. Walz, information and parameters for the washing process ASTM International, PO Box C700, West Conshohocken, ASTM measurement Stephan May, selection of clothing Stephan may Managing Director Campilo GmbH & Co KG my cleanroom experts trade ring South 2 97359 Schwarzach a. main telephone 09324 9817 224 fax 09324 9817 66 E-Mail: t