Work from home, Internet, requires fundamental tools. The virtual work from home requires professional tools that will support and make effective commercial activity, such as: web hosting, own domain, an autoresponder, a virtual room for meetings, a program to make and upload videos to the web and a training system. Work from home in the era of modernity has become a dream and a ncesidad of many people around the world, this is why I want to reveal the fundamental tools that work from home is to be effective and become need a source of resources, to carry out a venture in internet: web Hosting-alojamento web hosting is an a Web sitesomething like an apartment to host your sites and your projects. Own domain. A domunio on the internet is a name that only you can use and that you give recognition on the web in development in the work from home. Autorespondedor an autoresponder is an automatic program to send information and perform follow-up to your contacts, something like a seller that does not rest in the realization of the work from home online. Program for conferences online a program for video conferencing that allows us to gather online with our contacts in any place of the planet, perminiendonos access service for voice, video, transfer of information and a wide range of opportunities to perform and promote our projects and web and work from home.

Program to make and upload videos to the web videos on the web have become one of the best and most effective systems of communication and promotion of internet business, any person wishing to enter the world of the corporte online, should consiferar the video as one of the biggest and best opportunities of promoting online. A powerful system of training that teaches you how to mount your own business on the internet, in automatic way. Online work from home businesses require a good dose of learning and training in techniques to achieve closer to the big world of business by Internet where sooner rather that later most of tenda who enter mankind.