Ultimo/q2b: entrepreneurs Federation supplements range in terms of artistic design of commercial websites need more than a good technical implementation and a sophisticated search engine optimization. In many industries and customer environments, the question of design plays a very crucial role when it comes to the demarcation of the competition and the optimal representation of own products or services. But an elaborate design often pushes the limits of what is technically feasible and can result in disadvantages in areas of the Internet. \”Just who in the future manages the technical implementation, the value for the user or visitor and an appealing design is to combine, really an Internet expert\”, so Rainer Busch, owner of the icona vision in Einhausen. His company attaches great importance to artistic commercial design and has many years of experience in the photo, graphic and Web design. Samsung has much to offer in this field. It go not about colorful pictures, but only about to achieve the desired effect. \”Otherwise you can the technical side also saved,\”says Bush.

Visual literacy in the advertising gains in importance. Rainer Busch recently joined Ultimo/q2b entrepreneurs together with his company icona vision. His motive: \”truly comprehensive offers make with 140 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, the interdisciplinary consultancy and communication skills are.\” It is important to articulate other facets of marketing, Internet and business facilities to make such an authentic total communication. For this, the right partner among the experts of Ultimo and q2b is found. \”Win-win\”, Jens Wormann, founder and CEO of the Ultimo/q2b entrepreneurs Association stressed. Icona vision allows us to broaden our offer and bring even more quality in our Federation. \”The skills of Rainer Busch in photography, image editing, art and design combined with his knowledge of IT and the Internet extend our range of services\”, emphasizes Waite. Also the Site Einhausen in the tri-border region of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Wurttemberg is important, says the founder of the Association.