Kinds of Los Angeles from God: angel Principados.Regencia: 23-27 of Noviembre.Se situated in the area of Netzah and works matters related to the Hochmah.Nombre of Los Angeles area: big God and the Angel elevadoEsencia: elevation or greatness.Planet of the Angel: VenusHoroscopo angeles: Sagitario.Atributo: This essentially serves to elevate us, make us great and remember our transcendence. Elevate the soul to its origin. This will be done because to penetrate this essence, the person ignores the desire to a consciously implement the Supreme wisdom on Earth. He is the essence of Vehuel is the best antidote to low passions. Children born in their hours do not need convincing about this, his mere presence will suffice. You can say that they are useful for the regeneration of man on the Earth. It also serves this Angel to praise God, for the admiration that come to feel their influenced by him.

This occurs by a knowledge that suddenly bursts into their minds and provokes a strong emotion. Will recognize you as the first cause of life. They are, therefore, people who soar thanks to the talent and virtues and it can turn them into those great characters who open the paths of the new intelligence, of the new era. They will have a sensitive soul and are classified by their good deeds.What gives: channel to exalt himself to God. Lifting thanks to our virtues and talents.

Get the esteem of all our kindness and generosity. Success in literature, jurisprudence and diplomacy. Protection against selfishness, hatred and hypocrisy. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Programa-leccion: Overcome hatred and selfish tendencies. PSALM for INVOCARLOPara invoke his strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him.God is great and worthy of praise: and his greatness is inscrutable.The Angel’s message: In your PANNIER carry great virtue, so TU ALMA find fast the path of return unit; BUT YOU MUST ASSIST AND GUIDE THOSE WHO ARE LOST; CARE REJECTS THE SELFISHNESS AND THE HYPOCRISY, CULTIVATED THE KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, TALENT, YOUR SOUL SENSITIVE NEEDS TO OVERCOME TEMPORARY, PRECISE TRANSCEND. If you want more information visit LOS ANGELES source article: Tarot Egyptian original author and source of the article