Perhaps some young programmer thinks that Visual Basic is a language art. You might believe in his short experience in the field of bits, that Visual Basic is the brainchild of fashion in the past five years. The truth is that before there was even Windows 95, and was known by others in this language, what happens is that by then what was not known was the Internet and that is why that language had not acquired the reputation had 10 years later. Visual Basic, like every language had its beginning with version 1.0 (I confess I have not known) and then I remember that shortly sugi Visual Basic version 2.0 This version was designed for two platforms. Windows 3.1 and DOS Perhaps a young programmer today (lover of VB or VB.NET 6.00) had little horrified to see that version where the greatest feat was to see pictures and buttons on an operating system like DOS was an operating system character, tell them not being able to be manipulated within the DOS mouse. I made my first application with Visual Basic 3.00, then Microsoft did make a big impact with a highly improved IDE, with a window manager (remember that time still reigns Windows 3.11) and really that we programmed in Clipper and Pascal with screens of 80 * 24 access to language that allowed us to work with resolutions based on pixels was like a dream. Anyway Visual Basic 3.00 marked the beginning of an era. With the birth of Windows 95, Microsoft had to bet on improving your language star (although it was not designed by MS but it was bought by MS), which is why there was a fleeting Visual Basic version 4.00 (I swear I saw that neither the so fast it was replaced) and which undoubtedly marked the beginning of another era was 5.00 Visual Basic..